MENNUS 200 mg-PLA filler

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MENNUS 200 mg – PLA filler

A long-term neocollagenesis filler that lasts more than a year and a half, which slowly fills the skin with collagen to maintain a natural volume.

PLA (Poly-lactic acid) + CMC (Carboxymethyl cellulose)

Package: 1 vial / 200 mg

Number of treatment: 1-3 times

Duration: 18-24 months

Purpose of use: Inject the product into the dermal layer or subcutaneous layer to improve wrinkles in the adult’s facial area through physical recovery.

Recommended treatment area: The entire facial area excluding the glabella and eye area.

Benefits of MENNUS 200 mg:

• in comparison with HA filler that only gives temporary volume, PLA fillers help to improve wrinkle by boosting collagen creation with volume.

low injection power compared to general PLA fillers when injecting

• spherical PLA particle create volume evenly on the skin and there is no needle blockage

faster decomposition than other products, so easier treatment preparation.

Who might need MENNUS 200 mg treatment:

1. 30s~50s who worry about skin aging – to improve fine wrinkle and skin elasticity

2. people who concerned about sensitive skin – to improve thin, dry, and sensitive skin due to external and environmental factors

3. getting ready for a special day – skin improvement in a short time ahead of special days such as wedding, first-birthday parties, filming, etc.

4. who wants to restore skin health

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