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Filler And Botox

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Celosome FILLER

is a series of dermal fillers containing stabilized hyaluronic acid (HA). The fillers are of high quality and have outstanding purity. In order to achieve minimal levels of impurities (BDDE, endotoxin, heavy metals, etc.) in the final product, special 8-staged technology and a set of membrane filters are used for purification of HA in Celosome. The HENM cross-linking technology allows varying viscoelasticity parameters of the gel depending on the scope of use. Due to the exceptional viscoelasticity parameters, Celosome fillers ensure long-lasting aesthetic effect with minimized risk of pot-injection side effects.

CELOSOME FILLER with Lidocaine is designed to quickly restore elasticity and youthfulness of the skin due to the unique 8-phase technology and stabilized high concentration hyaluronic acid. Exosomes derived from stem cells are responsible for communication between cells, are involved in the secretion of proteins, but most importantly, they increase the volume of subcutaneous fat in the facial area.

CELOSOME FILLER The use of fillers from this series gives visible results after the first procedure. The action is aimed at eliminating the first signs of aging and fundamental rejuvenation of the skin

At the same time, it is possible to choose a suitable drug for varying degrees of severity: both shallow and obvious wrinkles and creases.

Compared to other products, CELOSOME with Lidocaine has the following advantages:

  • the highest percentage of hyaluronic acid;
  • minimized risk of puffiness and allergies;
  • create the effect of natural volume;
  • the shape of the gel remains unchanged after injection;
  • excretion occurs by biodegradation;
  • osmotic pressure of the gel as close as possible to normal for the body;
  • high stability of hyaluronic acid molecules;
  • exosomes stimulate the regeneration of fat cells.

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