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Caratbody – Patented Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid Microbeads
HA concentration ? 20 mg / ml
Ingredient ? Sodium Hyaluronate Gel
Capacity ? 10 ml x 1
Area of use ? Breast and buttock augmentation
Injection area ? Deep dermis, shallow subcutaneous tissue
Storage condition ? Store at room temperature
Avoid direct sunlight.
Do not store in the freezer.

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Caratbody – Patented Micro-beads of Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid

HA concentration 20 mg/ml

Ingredient: Sodium Hyaluronate Gel

caratbody size 10ml x 1

Field of use?Breast and buttock augmentation

Injection area: deep dermis, shallow subcutaneous tissue

Storage condition?Store at room temperature

Avoid direct sunlight.

Do not store with freezing.

Shelf life?36 months

Patent 3 Staged Microbeads Hyaluronic Acid Cross-linked Technology ?Patented MCL * technology?

This product is a sterilized product with gel-type, no toxicity by building bridge hyaluronic acid which is extracted from microorganisms.

This bridged hyaluronic acid is provided embedding in a disposable syringe, and must be injected into 1 patient only, and should not be dispensed and injected into 2 persons. The packaging quantity or capacity of the product is specified on outside the packaging box.

This product is a disposable sterile medical device, autoclaving (121 ° C, 18 minutes) and should not be reused.

Companies of conventional fillers that claim to have created a long-lasting HA filler tell us that they have achieved in raising the cross-linking rate. However, most products have only raised concentration and particle size due to limitations in the cross-linking technology. This does not contribute to longevity of the product. Moreover, products that merely increase concentration results in a product that is not easily moldable.

Caratbody applies the patented 3 staged microbead processing technology that allows to increase the viscosity and produce a long-lasting filler. By controlling the cross-linking rate to adjust the viscosity, we are able to produce a wide range of high quality fillers depending on its use.


Caratbody applies the unique technology of creating a semi-solid state gel of Hyaluronic Acid. Our product has high cohesiveness and viscosity so when injected it creates a pseudo capsule as an implant form that it is not easily dissolved through natural hyaluronidase by the body (mechanism of long-lasting effect).


Increased concentration / Increased particle size

Semi-solid Gel type Caratbody


Caratbody has overcome the problems faced by increasing the cross-linking rate, to create a safe and removable product

You don’t have to worry about unsatisfactory results after injection. Caratbody is strong against natural hyaluronidase inside the body, but can be completely removed by injecting hyaluronidase. Then the filler left in the soft tissue can be completely removed. It is easily removed.

High hydrophilic capacity

Our product provides excellent volume effect through its high hydrophillic

capacity and stable molecular structure even after high cross-linking rate

Statement for use & manipulation sequence

1.Check the packaging status and the content of the product.

2.Acquaint enough yourself with the manual.

3.Use sterilized and packaged product.

4.Remove the packaging carefully and take out the syringe.

5.Open the packaging and check the injected capacity in the syringe, and check if any distortion, crack, or damage of the appearance.

6. In order to prevent contamination, select needle syringe which is fit to the position to be injected and open the cap of the syringe, and connect the needle of syringe.

7.This product must be injected into the dermis.

8.Dispose after the use of amount inside the syringe due to the selection of user.

9.For 1.1ml face filler product, Ultra-thin wall 25G 13mm injection needle (with 0.4mm if internal diameter) is recommended in case of the product that does not enclosed a needle.

10.During administration, it is recommended that the bevel of the end of needle should face upward, the shape of the needle can be seen from underneath the skin as the depth of the injection. meanwhile the silhouette of needle under the skin cannot be seen clearly and once the syringe is in place, slowly inject Beads Max ™ while insert the needle into the skin as next, withdraw the needle at the same angle as insertion, do not push the plunger during the needle is withdrawn from the skin, to prevent caratbody leaking from the needle point.

To achieve the desired result, the injection should be into the deep dermis. If the injection is too deep or inner layer of the muscle, the hyaluronic acid will be degrades rapidly, causing the duration time to be shortened. If the injection is too light may result in bluish discoloration of the skin or bulging.

11.For 10ml body filler product, it is recommended to use 16 ~ 18G Cannula (Semi-permanent cannula). Insert cannula into the fat layer, then using a controlled shake and turning motion to breaks up the fat tissues and allowing the fat layer to make space before injection.

* For breast augmentation, injection should be done at the top part of breast. Do not inject from the bottom part of the breast, otherwise ptosis or sagging may occur.


1.Use only where want to use it.

2. Do not inject into the epithelial tissue.

3. Do not use for patients with skin diseases, allergies, inflammation or other similar diseases.

4.Do not use mix with other drugs or use it with other instruments.

5.Do not combine with laser treatment, chemical peel procedure, dermabrasion, or other surgical methods.

6. Do not use in the period of pregnancy or lactation.

7. Do not use for patients with undergoing or diagnosed of self-immune disease.

8.Use is prohibited for minors.

9. Do not use for patients who are sensitive to hyaluronic acid.

10. Do not use for patients who have the tendency to develop into hypertrophic scar.

11.Do not use in areas where infectious skin diseases are in progress or where dermatitis (pimples, herpes & etc.)

12. Do not use for patients who have hypersensitivity to lidocaine or amide type local anesthetic.

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